Profit Wise provides a Profitability Insights solution that helps you maximise profit.

Our Profitability Insights solution is unparalled in its ability to establish accurate profit and loss at an individual transactional level.

With this level of granularity, and the ability to roll up or down to the level of detail you want, you can quickly identify and understand who or what is creating and eroding profit  and why.

Armed with this information, it’s much easier to make informed business decisions and take targeted actions to maximise profit.   And the fact that it lines up with your General Ledger ensures accuracy, validity and reliability.

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“Digging down to the transaction-level DNA of each customer will give you almost unlimited views into the drivers of profitability.”


The Profitability Insights solution comprises of 3 distinct systems

Production system

This system provides you with detailed, accurate and up to date information highlighting where and why profit is being created or eroded in your organisation, right now.


Modelling system

A ‘what if’ system that allows you to model scenarios in a separate environment, so that you can quickly see the likely impact on profitability, helping you identify the changes you want to make.


Pricing system

Using accurate and detailed cost allocation, this system generates quotes for new customers and also enables current customers to be repriced so that in either case, you can be sure those customers will be profitable.


Typically …

  • 60% of customers are profitable and 40% of customers are loss making
  • The top 20% of customers are responsible for 80% of all profit creation
  • 40% of customers are marginally profitable
  • The bottom 20% of customers erode 85% of the profit created
  • The bottom 10% of customers erode 70% of the profit created


Why is our approach different?

Understand the building blocks of our solution and how they get you the width and breadth of insights you need.

“A customer profitability analysis, done right, tells you not just which customers are profitable, but why certain customers are more or less profitable than others.”
Deloitte & Touche

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